Self Propelled Booms

Total High Access Solutions offers a hire service for self-propelled booms across the UK. Please call us on 0800 772 3473 for expert advice and a no obligation quotation.

Haulotte Star10

Working Height 10(m)
Working outreach 3.1(m)
Safe working load 200(kg)
Weight 2760(kg)
Basket rotation n/a
Working width 0.99(m)
Length 2.61(m)
Stowed width 0.99(m)
Height stowed 1.9(m)
Platform size 0.94(m) x 0.64(m)
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Nifty HR12 cherry picker

Working Height 12.2(m)
Working outreach 6.1(m)
Safe working load 200(kg)
Weight 3600(kg)
Working width 1.6(m)
Length 4.1(m)
Stowed width 1.6(m)
Height stowed 1.95(m)
Platform size 1.1(m) x 0.66(m)
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Nifty HR15 cherry picker

Working height15.7m (51ft 6in)
Platform Height13.7m (45ft)
Machine Length6.35m (20ft 10in)
Machine Width2m (6ft 7in)
Gradeability45% (24º)
Min Weight4500kg (9920lbs)D, 4800kg(10580lbs)H
Cage Rotation180°
Safe Working Load225kg (500lbs)
Working Outreach9.4m (31ft)
Machine Height2.1m (6ft 11)
Transport Length4.8m (15ft 9in)
Travel Speed6km/h (3.7mph)
Turning Radius3.7m (12ft 2in)
Fly-Boom Arc150°
Cage Size1.8m x 0.85m (5ft 11in x 2ft 9in)
Power OptionsDiesel (Kubota 1105 – 25Hp/18.5kW) Hybrid – Battery & Diesel (Kubota 722 – 18Hp/14kW)
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450AJ- cherry picker


Length 6.71 (m)
Width 2.34 (m)
Transport Height 2.29 (m)
Basket Width 1.83 (m)
Platform Height 13.72 m
Working Height 15.72 m
Horizontal Outreach 7.47 m
Lift Capacity 227 kg
Weight 6010 kg
IPAF MEWP Category 3b
Ground Bearing Pressure 4.6 kg / cm²
Power Source
Power Source Diesel

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Nifty HR17 cherry picker

Working Height 17.2(m)
Working outreach 9.6(m)
Safe working load
Weight 6140(kg)
Basket rotation 100(deg)
Working width 2.0(m)
Length 6(m)
Stowed width 2(m)
Height stowed 2.1(m)
Platform size 1.8(m) x 0.7(m)
Max point loading 0.1460 kN/cm² *
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600AJ Cherry picker

Working Height 2.5m – 20.29m
Maximum Height 20.29m (66ft 7in)
Width 2.44m (8ft)
Length Stowed 8.82m (28ft 11in)
Height Stowed 2.56m (8ft 4in)
Weight 227kg (500lbs)
Lift Capacity Diesel
Power Source No
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Nifty HR21 cherry picker

Working Height 20.7(m)
Working outreach 12.6(m)
Safe working load 225(kg)
Weight 6300(kg)
Basket rotation 100 (deg)
Working width 2.27(m)
Length 6.5(m)
Stowed width 2.27(m)
Height stowed 2.15(m)
Platform size 1.80(m) x 0.85(m)
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Nifty HR28

Working Height 28.00(m)
Platform Height 26.00(m)
Working Outreach 19.00(m)
Stowed Length 9.28(m)
Stowed Height 2.70(m)
Width 2.49(m)
Lifting Capacity 280(kg)
Weight 14650(kg)
Power Bi-Energy
Non-Marking Tyres Yes
Ground Level
Terrain All
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Genie Z135 cherry picker

Working Height 43.15m / 141ft 7in
Platform Height 41.15m / 135ft 1in
Maximum Outreach 21.26m / 69ft 10in
Min Weight 20,502kg / 45,309lbs
Safe Working Load 272kg / 601lbs
Machine Length 12.93m / 42ft 6in
Machine Width 2.49m / 8ft 3in
Machine Height 3.09m / 10ft 2in
Power Options Diesel
Turning Radius 3.02m / 9ft 11in
Gradeability 45%
Cage Rotation 160 degrees
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